Whether you’re an artist, an adventurer, a hiker or a foodie, you’ll find something to whet your appetite in Seattle.

Satiated in Seattle

Ah Seattle, the birthplace of craft coffee and home to extraordinary seafood and verdant foliage in colors no photo filters can reproduce.

Any coffee aficionado knows Seattle as the holy land of coffee. Make your way over to one of the many locally owned and operated coffee shops. Be sure to hit the trendy neighborhood of Ballard known for its hipster restaurants, pubs and other cool stores. Hit up local staple Ventura Coffee for their epic Café Mole; a latte with Ghirardelli’s and Ibarra chocolate. Even if you dislike chocolate with your coffee, do your palate a f(l)avor and indulge yourself at least once in this coffee-chocolatey goodness that will have you dreaming of this for days after. Pro-tip: you might want to buy two, just because you will likely down the first one too fast to actually savor the flavors.

Make your way to Golden Gardens Park for breathtaking views of Lake Puget Sound and the Olympic Mountains in the distance. If you’re lucky you might see firefighters doing death defying drills like having to walk out over the fire ladder extended perpendicular to the truck and extended out over a drop of at least 2,000 ft above sea level. This beautiful park offers something for everyone, from forest trails to rugged coastline to beach if you’re so inclined. They even have an off-leash area for your furry four-legged friends.

Take a bus to burn off some extra calories in anticipation of mealtime gastronomic excellence in Discovery Park; the largest city park in Seattle offering nearly 534 acres of absolute beauty, tranquility and quietude. It overlooks the Puget Sound with views of both the Cascade and Olympic Mountain ranges. Find your way to a Cultural Center called the Daybreak Star which is maintained by the United Indians of All Tribes Foundation. Walk toward ‘Lands End’ through a quaint and quiet neighborhood that had the good fortune of having the best of both worlds, miles and miles of trails in the backyard and Shilshole Bay in the front yard.

If this is your first foray to Seattle, paying homage to Pike Place Market is as vital as going to see the Taj Mahal on your first visit to India. It’s origins date back to the early 1900s. Situated along Elliott Bay Waterfront, there’s a lot of specialty and ethnic stores and coffee shops (naturally) and in fact Starbucks’ first ever coffee shop was built there in 1971. It’s a sensory overload of the best kind. Local farmers and artisans display and sell their wares. From fruit and flowers to honey, candles, soaps, jars, and jewelry, it’s all available here, as is of course fish! It is home to over 190 craftspeople and 120 farmers who rent table space by the day; a total of 240 street performers and musicians perform here annually, and it attracts as many as 10 million visitors a year. Be sure to sample jams, jellies, jerky and honey.

If all that foraying is whetting your appetite pop in for lunch to Pike Place Bar and Grill and try their Fish and Chips; moist and tender perfectly beer battered Arctic True Cod, tangy house slaw and crispy well-salted French fries.

If you’re avoiding carbs and are in it strictly for the fantastic Pacific Northwestern seafood, try Etta’s Seafood Shindig; a greater party in your mouth has never been had. The salty oysters, the chilled shrimp, the perfectly textured crab and all the accoutrements provide you with an oceanic feast for the senses. Their daily Crabby Hour features a menu that offers up seafood in a comfort-cooking sort of way. Be sure to imbibe the Lavender Bee’s Knees cocktail.

For amateur and professional photographers alike, no visit to Seattle can be complete without a picture of the imposing Mt. Rainer and the Space Needle. A short Uber ride from downtown will deposit you in the Queen Anne Neighborhood north of the Space Needle. If you’re looking for that perfect frame, and if you’re lucky enough to get a clear day in Seattle, then Kerry Park offers you a picture perfect spot.

For dinner done right consider a return to Etta’s (reservations highly recommended). Kick it off with half dozen (each) oysters on the half shell for a traverse around the different types of northwestern oysters. If that’s not your jam, try the grilled octopus; the smoky, chewy goodness is perfectly complimented with the za’atar spiced tomato jam and salty feta. If you’re a seafood purist, there’s nothing better than crab and Etta’s offers you either Dungeness (steamed) or Alaskan (chilled). If turf is more your style, then the tri tip sirloin will please your palate to be sure. If per chance, you aren’t quite bursting at the seams, you’ve got to try the Bergamot Lemon Tart to round out your meal. Ask your server for cocktail, beer or wine pairing suggestions with each course and try a well-aged port to accompany your dessert.

Seattle is a city that has something for everyone. Whether you’re an artist or adventurer, a hiker or a cyclist, a foodie or a photographer (or both!) you’ll find something to whet your appetite both literally and figuratively. Regardless of if you’re there for a weekend or for a week (or two) there’s plenty to do, see and eat.


Satiated in Seattle

By: Niki Chopra Richardson


Photos 1, 2, 3 courtesy of Jason Richardson


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